Snake Game

Snake game looks like an old school atari video game and plays like it too. Simple, fast, and addictive. The graphics aren't much but the gameplay is fun so who cares? Snake Game keeps you playing just one more time. In the game, you are a snake and you must eat the apples by running into them head first. Each apple you eat makes you one segment bigger. As you grow more and more, it will be harder and harder to avoid 1) eating yourself and 2) bumping into the wall and dying. Snake Game has three modes of play aptly named: Slug (the easiest and slowest mode), Worm (a middle mode good for veterans), and Python (the fastest and hardest mode for crazy flash game gurus). One thing to keep in mind is that snakes are pretty dumb and they'll eat themselves if given the chance. Ok, I know nothing is that dumb and snakes do not eat apples but one good hint is to try and take wide sweeping turns around the edges of the board instead of small, tight turns. You'll slow things down and be less likely to eat yourself.

[ Arrows: Move Snake - hint: Don't eat yourself or Touch the walls or it's Game Over! ]

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